April 18, 2024

Diamond Shapes

Fancy cut diamonds and their shapes“But square-cut or pear-shaped,
These rocks don’t lose their shape.
Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.”

(Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend – written by Gordon Martin, recorded by Marilyn Monroe)
While diamond shape is largely a matter of preference, its important to understand that the way the diamond is cut contributes to the overall brilliance and fire.  The right cut can enhance features of an individual stone or make its shortcomings less noticeable.

Round and Oval

Round brilliant diamonds are one of the most popular shapes and account for more than 75% of all diamonds purchased!  They are a popular traditional choice for engagement rings, especially solitaires, as well as pendants and earrings.  As the name implies, the brilliant cut brings out the brilliance and fire in a stone.

Oval diamonds have symmetrical design with large surface areas.  They give the illusion of being bigger than they actually are.

Square and Rectangular

Princess cut diamonds have become very popular in recent years, as a solitaire and in earrings. Princess cut diamonds are square when viewed from the top and like an inverted pyramid from the side.  They look smaller than their carat weight would suggest.

Emerald cut (also called step cut) diamonds are rectangular with corner cuts.  The facets are large and open, making it most suitable for displaying the beauty of stones with excellent color and clarity.

Another type of step cut is the Baguette cut.  Baguettes have fewer facets than the emerald cut, and are usually used as side stones, since imperfections are very noticeable in this simple shape.

Radiant diamonds are similar in  shape to the emerald but have around 70 facets, making it more dazzling and brilliant that the simpler step cut emerald.

An Asscher  cut diamond is rectangular with a high crown  and step facets.  They are known for their ability to throw light.

Last but not least are the Cushion cut diamonds, sometimes referred to as pillow diamonds. This shape is elegant with a touch of old world style.

Other Shapes

Marquise diamonds are like an oval diamond which is pointed at both ends.  Like the oval, marquise diamonds tend to appear larger  than they are.  Sometimes the ends are blunted, called a French tip.  If your fingers are short, a marquise diamond will make them look longer.

Pear shaped diamonds are shaped like a teardrop (or a pear!)

Brilliant-cut heart-shaped diamonds are  a popular romantic shape for promise / engagement rings, pendants or stud earrings.

Trilliant diamonds are triangular in shape with equal length sides.  It’s a lovely modern look, popular for earrings, pendants or fashion rings.